Partecipazione 3rd European Congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research (ECTP 2017)

28 Mar 2017 Senza categoria @dmin


Regensburg, University Hospital

28 – 30 March, 2017

Scientific Programme Major topics: The practice and epidemiology of tattoos

  • Tattoo complications and their treatment – an open avenue in dermatology

  • Laser removal, from nano- to picosecond with video session

  • Inks, tattooing, tattooists

  • coming EU initiatives

  • Industrial seminar

  • Discussions and Q&A session


Tuesday, 28th March 2017


11.30-12.30 Registration, coffee and exhibition

12.30-16.30 REGULATION INITIATIVES Moderatori Wolfgang Bäumler & Jørgen Serup

20 Summary of the final reports on tattoo regulations prepared under the auspices of the European Union Wolfgang Bäumler & Jørgen Serup

60 Potential regulation on tattoo inks and PMU in the EU under REACH Evgenia Stoyanova and Mark Blainey, European Chemical Agency (ECHA)

20 Toxicology test guidelines Annegret Blume, Germany

14.10-14.40 Break and exhibition

15 The tattoo campaign of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (EADV) Christa De Cuyper, Belgium

20 Coming standards for tattoo hygiene and practices according to ISO and CEN/European Union Thijs Veenstra, Netherlands

15 When pigments become forbidden – Pigment Blue Michael Dirks, Germany

15 Update on regulatory activities to tattoo inks in the United States (U.S.) Linda Katz, USA

45 Comments and Questions – Roundtable discussion Speakers, ESTP Board, delegates of companies

16.30-16.50 Break and exhibition

16.50-17.45 INDUSTRIAL SEMINAR Presentations of companies Companies Fotona Syneron Candela Skinial Wednesday,


29th March 2017

8.00-9.00 Registration, coffee and exhibition

9.00-9.20 WELCOME & OPENING Moderatri Christa de Cuyper & Sebastiaan van der Bent

5 Welcome and opening of the congress by the Congress President Wolfgang Bäumler, President of ECTP 2017 Regensburg

5 Greetings from the Director of the Department of Dermatology Mark Berneburg, Regensburg

10 The European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research (ESTP): Science and pragmatism Jørgen Serup, Chairman of ESTP

9.25-10.30 TATTOOING AND PMU AT THE CUTTING EDGE Moderatori Laumann & Christa de Cuyper

20 + 5 Rise and fall of the tattoo trend – challenges of tomorrow? Anne Laumann, USA

15 + 5 Professional tattooing – looking into the future Jens Bergström, Sweden

15 + 5 Experiences with quality control of my tattoo parlor delegated to a private accreditation bureau Liz Kierstein, Denmark

10.30-11.00 Break and exhibition

11.00-13.00 TATTOOS AND INKS – RESEARCH AND ANALYTICS Moderatori Wolfgang Bäumler & Sebastiaan van der Bent

15 + 5 European Commission Summary of Analytical Methods, Report EUR 27394 EN. Death or Glory for ResAP(2008)1 Gerald Prior, Germany

15 + 5 Diarylide Pigments under sunlight – what do in vitro tests tell us? Christopher Hohl, Switzerland

15 + 5 Organic colorants in tattoo inks – how to check compliance with the European Resolution Urs Hauri, Swtzerland

15 + 5 Tattoo ink analysis by pyrolysis-GC/MS Christoph Hutzler, BfR, Germany

15 + 5 Reaction of lymph nodes on tattoo pigments Vivien Schacht, Germany

15 + 5 Distribution of tattoo pigment to lymph nodes and the liver: studies in mice Jørgen Serup, Denmark

13.00-14.00 Lunch and exhibition

14.00-15.40 PARALLEL SESSION: SAFETY OF TATTOOING I Moderatori Urs Hauri & Jørgen Serup

15 + 5 How to operate as an ink manufacturer in a landscape of chaotic rules Terry Welker, USA

15 + 5 Sterile inks and methods of sterilization Lucia Bonadonna, Italy

15 + 5 Manufacturing of safer tattoo inks in the future: The European ambition Ralf Michel, Germany

15 + 5 Pigment production for tattoo inks Michael Dirks, Germany

14.00-15.20 PARALLEL SESSION: LASER REMOVAL, FROM NANO- TO PICOSECOND Moderatori Susanne Gantner & Uwe Paasch

15 + 5 Basic principles of laser tattoo removal Wolfgang Bäumler, Germany

15 + 5 Nanosecond pulses – state of the art Uwe Paasch, Germany

15 + 5 Picosecond laser in a private office Stefan Sünkel, Germany

15 + 5 Picosecond pulses – my experience Maurice Adatto, Switzerland

15.20-16.50 TATTOO REMOVAL LIVE TREAMENT Moderatori Uwe Paasch & Susanne Gantner, Germany

30 Removal of tattoos with picosecond lasers – video conference with Q&A Stefan Sünkel, Germany

15.40-16.15 Break and exhibition

16.15-17.15 General assembly of the ESTP ESTP members

19.30 Congress dinner Haus Heuport, Regensburg


30th March 2017

8.00-8.30 Registration

8.30-11.30 OPEN SESSION: SHORT ORAL COMMUNICATIONS – POSTERS Moderatori Wolfgang Bäumler & Jorgen Serup

10 + 3 Adverse tattoo reactions – analysis of human biopsies Ines Schreiver, Germany

10 + 3 Elemental bioimaging of tattoo pigments in lymph nodes and skin tissue Tanja Berg, Germany

10 + 3 Toxicological characterization of tattoo inks and its decomposition products Henrik Hering, Germany

10 + 3 Surveillance activities in Italy: Determination of hazardous substances in tattoo inks – the italian laboratories network Marco Fontana, Italy

10 + 3 Clients’ rating of tattoo removal by Q-switch laser Katrina Hutton Carlsen, Denmark

10 + 3 MR scanning, tattoos and reported skin burn, fact or myth? Kasper Alsing, Denmark

5 Short summary of congress posters Wolfgang Bäumler, Germany

9.50-10.15 Break, exhibition and poster viewing

10 + 3 Results of the national survey on the diffusion, characteristics and risk awareness of tattoos in Italy Alberto Renzoni, Italy

10 + 3 Epidemiological surveillance of contact allergens by the Information Network of Departments of Dermatology (IVDK) – relevance of contact allergens in tattoo inks Steffen Schubert, Germany

10 + 3 Drugs and dermopigmentation: Collateral effects of drugs in relation with dermopigmentation treatments Rita Molinaro, Italy

10 + 3 Inorganic and organic PMU inks Cornelia Hildebrandt, Germany

10 + 3 What qualifies a safe and good PMU ink? Nele Teske, Germany

11.30-12.15 TATTOOISTS’ CORNER Moderatori Jens Bergström, Ralf Michel, Terry Welker, Jørgen Serup Debate forum General audience

12.15-13.15 Lunch and exhibition

13.15-14.35 TATTOO COMPLICATIONS – DIAGNOSIS AND TREAMENT Moderatori Sebastiaan van der Bent & Jørgen Serup

15 + 5 Allergic reactions to red pigment tattoos and treatment methods Sebastiaan van der Bent, The Netherlands

15 + 5 Tattoos, psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases Christa de Cuyper, Belgium

15 + 5 Black tattoos, papulo-nodular reactions and high risk of sarcoidosis Mitra Sepehri, Denmark

15 + 5 Skin infections and prevention measures Wulf Schneider, Germany

14.35-15.55 SAFETY OF TATTOOING – II Moderatori Christa de Cuyper & Wolfgang Bäumler

15 + 5 Distribution and characterization of toxic metals in human specimen Ines Schreiver, Germany

15 + 5 Do metals play a role in tattoo allergies? Christa de Cuyper, Belgium

15 + 5 Tattoo inks – the view of a toxicologist Gabriele Sabbioni, Germany

15 + 5 Current standards of safe tattooing Jens Bergström, Sweden

15.55-16.15 Closing of the congress with announcement of coming events Wolfgang Bäumler & Jørgen Serup


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